Genres: Blues, Rock, Singer/Songwriter    _________


Erinn, with two N’s, Brown has a captivating sultry sound with an edge. The singer/songwriter/musician is a mixture of folk, blues, rock and funk with a soulful yet original touch. Erinn either performs as a 4-piece group or as a soloist, or will play in whatever format the gig permits. Her first album was released in 1999 and was called, “Road Signs To The Sun.” Her CD received air play on many Massachusetts radio stations, including the “Blues Power Hour” for WHEB, a Portsmouth, NH radio station. Erinn has performed at festivals such as the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival. She has also performed at well known venues all around the Boston/North Shore area. She continues to travel around New England to expand her fan base. Audiences will be blown away by Erinn’s incredible talent as a singer as well as licks on the rhythm guitar!



  • “Erinn’s voice really cuts through and generates a feeling of intensity and a sense of urgency with a cool rhythmic vibe.”Round Sound Management, Boston, MA
  • “Erinn Brown has some old-school influences — Memphis soul, especially — but she presents them with a contemporary spin. Songs burst forward with her engagingly elastic voice…. Her new album has some great songs such as the clever “Love is a Peace of the World,” the Bonnie Raitt-evoking ballad “Time to Waste,” and hugely cathartic “Dig Out the Pain,” which tells you that this lady has been around the block. Amid the rootsy, experience-laden tracks is even an acid-jazz reprise of a song heard earlier called “And in the End,” where she notes that “everybody is trying to win their own game.” She wins her own here.” – STEVE MORSE, longtime Boston Globe reviewer