Ironic is proficient in offering a myriad of services in the production field. Now when we say “production”, we are of course talking about film (Indies, documentaries, movies) & TV (food programs, investigative programs).

International Field Producer

As an International Field Producer we have experience coordinating a story while the crew is in the field. We can oversee the production of a story, working with the Director, Presenter and/or Cast to set up interviews, gather video and collect information. We act as the liaison between the crew and the production company back at home. In many cases, we will conduct the research, assure the video is properly logged and assist in the writing of the story to be told. Sometimes we have even been known to conduct some of the interviews, and in many cases, act as an interpreter on or off camera…

Pre-Production Research

We are fact checkers. We identify relevant data, contributors, locations or archive material. During preliminary interviews, we assess contributors’ potential suitability. We confirm contributors’ availability and arrange for their appearance within time and budgetary limits. We sometimes identify location requirements from scripts or program outlines, and assess locations for suitability and cost. We then present all findings to decision makers clearly, concisely and coherently, both in writing and verbally.

During production, researchers arrange transport for contributors to and from locations or studios. We greet contributors and brief them before shooting commences, support them as necessary, and escort them from the studio or location once shooting is completed. We can also prepare production materials, including fact sheets and booklets to accompany productions.

Pre-Production Coordination

We can set-up a production office, act as a liaison between the production office and the set, prioritizing information for expeditious handling. We are experienced in hiring key crew members and in negotiating deals with vendors. We normally meet with the producer and other senior production staff to examine scripts or program ideas; estimate cost of hiring crews and contractors, and negotiate rates of pay; negotiate costs and approve the booking of resources, equipment and suppliers; overseeing location booking and arrange any necessary permissions and risk assessments. We work closely with the Director, Production Manager, 1st AD and other Heads of Department to prepare the production schedule and budget, and to set the shoot date.

Production Manager

As a PM we will help to make sure that everything runs smoothly during filming. We make sure that the production runs to schedule, and report to the producer on progress managing the production schedule and budget; manage the production team, deal with any problems. Basically, we’ll supervise the day-to-day planning and running of the production. At the end of the shoot, we oversee the ‘wrap’ or winding down, of the production.


We can find you the perfect shooting location – in Massachusetts or in Italy – we’re truly bi-coastal (and we don’t mean East and West). We can act as location managers for overseas and local film production companies. We can arrange shooting sites either indoors or outdoors. This includes permits and all legal requirements, where necessary, as well as public liability insurance and bonds for shooting in public places. We can provide your production with as many
potentially useful/viable ideas and/or options as possible.


As a fixer, Ironic provides logistical support, facilitates permits, customs, locations, talent, crews, gear, accommodations and transportation for filmmakers who wish to conduct filming in Italy.