Alison and Matt Morello, Brasserie 28 Restaurant & Lounge
Linda Somma/Ironic has been nothing but a huge support system for our restaurant and lounge in many ways. She is extremely organized, professional and always there for us. She answers phone calls and emails very promptly. She has brought us some truly amazing and talented artists that have become permanent fixtures in our establishment. She values us as her client but she also values her artists.
She is eager to please and has been extremely helpful in promoting our restaurant. Linda has also assisted in creating an events calendar on our Facebook page which saved us so much time. Thank You for all you have done for us!”


Jim McKenzie, GM, Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill
Ironic Music has done an excellent job providing strong bands here at Prime Time. As a venue committed to live music but not charging a cover, it’s critical that we are able to find bands that will provide a night of solid, professional music at a cost we can afford. Ironic has a lot of depth in its roster, and the roster is growing month by month. One of their best attributes is being able to help if a band cancels last minute. I always feel like I can call Linda and she will do everything possible to get me the best fit. In Ironic’s early days, occasionally a band did not provide the professional performance Ironic demanded. Those bands were deleted from Ironic’s roster. As a result, I know that virtually any band I book will give me a solid outing.”


William Fogarty, Owner – Scratch Kitchen, Salem, MA
Linda is the best, a real professional, she has a great pool of talented and dedicated musicians for any occasion and style.”


Zeke Janas, General Manager, Grumpy Doyle’s
Ironic has been one of the simplest and easiest things for me as a GM to outsource. With the high demand of bands wanting to play at your venue, it can be quite time consuming. Having Linda absorb the calls & emails from interested bands gives me the time to focus on other areas of my business. Whenever I’ve needed anything, she’s the first person to call, email, or text me back with the info. Much appreciated!”


Brian DeFelice, Restaurant Manager, Finz Seafood & Grill, Salem, MA
Ironic has been one of the easiest agency’s I have worked with. They provide talented musicians and have many to choose from. They do a great job in finding musicians to fit the venue and if you ever need a band last minute they can make it happen. Linda is very professional to work with and always get back to you in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with Ironic.”


Christa Desjardins, Grill 28 c/o Pease Golf Course
It has been a pleasure working with Ironic. Linda’s timely response to inquiries about musicians and her attention to detail facilitate a smoothly run process. We will continue to use Ironic to book our musicians as we are confident in their expertise.”



Shaun England – www.shaunenglandmusic.com
I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Somma and Ironic Music Booking Agency for the past few years. I have found Ironic to be an agency that has incredible integrity. Ironic Booking has a commitment to the arts and music that supersedes just booking a venue. Linda makes sure that the fit is right for the venue and the performer. I have nothing but praise for this agency and look forward to many more years together.”


Adam Payne – http://www.adampayne.biz
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Linda and Ironic Music Booking Agency for the past few years.  It has opened up new venues and new crowds, which has had a serious positive impact on many levels.  Linda is on top of her game, and knows how to facilitate the booking process and interface with clients in a way that makes it easier as an artist to focus on providing a show to the best of our abilities and talents.  It makes such a difference to work with an agency who truly values their artists, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that both the artists and clients are content.”


Joey Vellucci – http://www.reverbnation.com/joeyvellucciband
I have been a professional musician for over 30 years. I have learned over the years that attention to detail is the key to successful events and performances. I have worked with many agencies over the years and have never quite felt comfortable with the transactions until I started 2+ years ago to work with Ironic. Ironic provides me specific details about every performance; Ironic presents me in a professional manner which the clients respect; Ironic makes my performing life easier because I can concentrate on music and let the professionals at Ironic handle the business end of things. Ironic has always been just a phone call away for me anytime I have a question or need a resource or an honest opinion on something musical. Ironic has also provided me with something very valuable and usually not included with a booking and that is lots of promotion. When Ironic books a show for me, I know that a calculated, precise and thorough promotion has been done. If you have been promoting yourself, you know how much time, effort, research and aggravation it can be. Ironic does it so much better than I could ever do it. If you’re a professional musician, use a professional agency that works as hard as you do. Ironic has not let me down and I love working with them.”


Mike Giammarco – soundcloud.com/michael-giammarco
It has been such a privilege to work with Linda and Ironic over this past year. In January I took a big step and made my music a full time job and Ironic has been there for me every step of the way. It’s been my dream to do this for quite awhile and Linda has kept me as busy as she can playing some great spots! Ironic is extremely artist friendly and they are always on top of all the details and schedules so all we as musicians have to worry about is playing a great show! That is something which means a lot to me because I want to be thinking about the music and not worry about the business side of things. Thanks Linda and all of you at Ironic for being awesome! Very proud to be one of your amazing stable of artists!”


Alan Goodrich
I am a solo performer and one of the acts that is booked by Ironic Music Agency. Ironic Music continually impresses me with their professionalism and hard work. A very classy Agency. It’s a real pleasure to play the venues they book me at!”


Tim Parent
I’ve been Working with Ironic Music and Linda Somma for a few years now and it has been an amazing experience. Linda is a great business partner and person, a true joy to work with. She really goes to bat for me and makes sure I know exactly what to expect when going into each gig. I constantly recommend local artists to her and have no hesitation in doing so. Keep up the great work Linda!”


Amanda McCarthy
Ironic Music has been a great resource not just to myself, but to many local musicians in the NH/MA areas. Linda does a great job in providing opportunities to artists/bands of many genres, matching artists to fit venues and making sure her artists are taken care of. She is straight forward, all business, and full of passion and energy for her line of work.”


Craig LaGrassa
It has been great working with Linda and Ironic Music Booking Agency. I have been booked at some great venues. Linda keeps me up to date with opportunities and is fair with both the musician and the many venues she books at…job well done! I am looking forward to working with Linda in the future.”



Eric Shea, Promoter/Advisor @ Sonicbids.com
An internship with Ironic is far from what you would think a normal internship would be. There was no fetching coffee, running errands or anything like that. From day one I felt as if I was making an impact on the business and as my internship went on my roles and duties expanded to include anything ranging from researching new artists, to contacting venues and attending shows. Ironic helped me to get my foot in the door of the local music scene and allowed me to learn a great deal about this fast-paced and exciting industry.”


Nicholas Hrenchuk, USC | Thornton School of Music | 2014 | B.S. Music Industry
My time interning for Ironic last summer was a valuable experience that introduced me to the real world of music business outside of the textbooks. As the Social Media and Marketing intern, I gained a great deal of knowledge on how to effectively manage sites like Twitter and Facebook to expose Ironic’s artists to as many people as possible, as well as keeping an up-to-date, detailed gig calendar for the company. I enjoyed my time working with Linda and will remember this internship as the one that got me started on my way in the music industry.”


Tayla Holman, Hofstra University 2012
During my internship at Ironic, I learned a lot about marketing and public relations. Coming from a journalism background, I was completely inexperienced with the other end of the spectrum, and had avoided it for as long as possible. But in the six months I worked with Linda, I was given real world experience that I probably never would have gotten otherwise. Working with a small agency was a unique experience, and when my internship ended, I felt like I had a whole arsenal of new skills at my disposal. While I’m still not an expert at public relations or marketing, I have a lot more knowledge than I did prior to interning at Ironic.”


Evan LaFragola, Rutgers University 2011
Although my time with Ironic Music Booking Agency only lasted four months, the knowledge and experience I gained is extremely valuable. I was unsure how to approach a telecommuting internship, but once I spoke with Linda, I was convinced I could be successful. She eased me into the entire process and educated me on the history of her company and the current practices that I would become familiar with.

From there, she set me up with the basics; email account, access to the company’s social media and online accounts, etc. There always existed an open communication with Linda and I, which was extremely helpful in my success at Ironic. Any questions, comments, concerns, or even suggestions I had were addressed almost immediately via email or a phone call. In addition, we both shared an uncanny need for organization, which was another reason we worked so well together. After some time with Ironic, Linda expanded my responsibilities, which I was excited about.

At that point, I had become comfortable with what I was doing, so I was ready for different tasks. This really proved to me that Linda trusted me, which was very important. After the four months of work, we made multiple successful changes to different aspects of the company – new social media presence, new artists signed, and new, efficient ways of organizing tasks.

If I had any advice for future interns, it would be to put your trust into Linda; she knows what she is doing and is ready to help you every step of the way.”


Catrina Lang, BA, Music Production and the Recording Industry, Ohio University, 2017
During my Marketing and Social Media Internship at Ironic I gained many valuable skills. I was somewhat nervous at first doing a virtual internship but it was more rewarding than I could’ve imagined! Linda is always available to communicate with via email, Skype, phone call, or text if necessary. She does not leave you in the dark! My time management skills, organization, creativity, and knowledge of social media tools such as Hootsuite improved greatly. Linda is very open to ideas and responds very promptly to any questions you might have. Working for Ironic was a unique experience that I am very glad I was able to have!”