Translations & Interpreting

Ironic is experienced in translating a wide variety of documents (Italian to English & English to Italian). We concentrate in screenplays but are experienced in websites, as well as numerous marketing documents. We’ve done some consecutive interpreting as well as phone interpreting and even some transcribing.


Translation experience includes:

  • Best Worst Movie” documentary – of all footage shot in Italy
  • Without Malice, With Firmness“ When Politics Don’t Compromise – investigative TV documentary
  • Intelligent Design” – investigative TV documentary: including 8 one-on-one interviews with scientists/experts in their field
  • Hurricane Obama” – investigative TV documentary, included several interviews with university professors & other political experts
  • The Bourgeois Duty“ Contemporary philanthropy, from Bill Gates to provincial banks – investigative TV documentary, included several interviews
  • Skateboard Confidential” – docu-film: included transcription, time coding & translation of dialogue as well as narration
  • Star Beach” – pilot episode of TV screenplay for presentation to backers/distributors
  • Al Pacino” theatrical screenplay by Pierpaolo Palladino, with emphasis on NY style Italian-American slang
  • Ischia in Tavola – translation of website (1st version) –
  • Zen Zero Films: various translations of synopses, director’s notes, and loglines.
  • Genealogical Research: translations of documents necessary for the obtainment of dual citizenship
  • Several websites including Roma Jazz Festival (ed. 2005), Golden Graal Student’s Choice Awards (ed. 2005-2007), QdA New Writing Festival (ed. 2004-2006), Pesaro Film Festival (ed. 2005)


Consecutive Interpreter experience includes:

  • Naked Archaeologist” – during shooting of documentary in Italy
  • Pesaro Film Festival – for visiting directors & actors (Spanish to Italian; Italian to Spanish; English to Italian; Italian to English)
  • Golden Graal, Student’s Choice Awards – during awards ceremony for Joshua Jackson & Brad Mirman & on stage for Italian premiere of “Shadows in the Sun


Phone Translation & Transcription experience:

  • Best Worst Movie” documentary – of all footage shot in Italy
  • Skateboard Confidential” – docu-film: included transcription and time coding of dialogue and narration


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